Betsy Winchell spent most of her life between Washington D.C.  and Montana with a camera in her hand. This helped her learn how to adapt to different ways of life and people. She still uses this skill today when she is with a subject and needs to photograph them.

The people Betsy photographs are at work or they are at play or they are at a still moment between it all–and Betsy is able to capture something special in these otherwise mundane moments. 

Her work is a fusion of both documentary photography and lifestyle photography. Few are posed photographs in the sense that her subject is aware that the photo is being taken. If there is an awareness of the photo being taken, it’s less about the person being directed and is more about her catching the person’s essence. Capturing these moods and making photos that capture a place a person inhabits or relationships a person has is very much Betsy’s strong suit.

Betsy attended Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design and received her B.A. in Photography. Since graduating, Betsy has been a freelance photographer in Los Angeles and New York. 






PH: 626-755-6426


Drawing By Dale Dreiling

Drawing By Dale Dreiling